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bottiglia acqua pian della mussa


cime pian della mussa

You don’t need many words to describe Pian della Mussa. It’s pure and uncontaminated, in a way that only water spring at 1,500 metres can be.

bottiglia e bicchiere acqua
37 mg/l
fixed residue

Drinking it is the most natural gesture of all.

A gesture that we repeat, day after day. This is why it’s important to choose water which is microbiologically pure and which has positive effects on your body. Pian della Mussa’s beneficial properties have been recognized by the Health Industry.

vista pian della mussa

Just as it flows
from the spring.

Pian della Mussa is one of the coldest waters in the world. It naturally flows from the rocks at 3°C. It is not pumped mechanically from the subsoil. It’s so special because it is filtered from granite rocks and bottled in close proximity to the spring.

acqua che sgorga